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Dec 15, 2017

The tips you’ll learn about CES on this episode of Unconventional Genius come straight from the top. Gary Shapiro, CEO of The Consumer Technology Association, the organization that puts on CES, and Jeff Joseph, the Senior Vice President for the CTA are among the insiders featured who will provide tips on how to make the most of CES attendance. You’ll learn how to audition for Shark Tank while attending CES, how to get the media’s attention, how to get the best booth location, how to make use of your own personal and free research assistant, how to tap into a network of successful business builders, and how to get a $40K membership to CTA for $95. In light of all that, can you understand why this episode is a “must listen?”

Showcase your startup at CES by participating in Eureka Park

If you’ve got a new technology or innovation just waiting to be funded or discovered, this CES secret is worth more than the time it will take you to listen to this episode. Listen as Gary Shapiro describes how startups can take full advantage of more than 3,500 financial professionals, 7,000 members of the media, key investors and suppliers all being in one place at one time - Eureka Park - the place for startups to be seen at CES. It’s the opportunity to showcase what you’ve accomplished, make key connections, and possibly even find funding for your next steps. In all my work as a consumer tech PR consultant I’ve seen very few opportunities like this, so be sure you listen to find out all the details.

Successful founders often want to give back. Here’s how you can make the most of a great opportunity

Founders of successful tech companies and businesses know the hard knocks and struggles required for any business to succeed. That makes them grateful for their own success and super eager to help those who are coming along behind them. The Consumer Technology Association has created a way for experienced business and technology mentors to come alongside new or struggling technology companies to offer advice and so much more. In this episode, you can learn how to get involved in the CTS mentorship program so that you can learn from the best in the business.

You can even audition for Shark Tank at CES

Shark Tank is one of the most entertaining shows to come along in quite a while, and the opportunities tech companies can enjoy from being on the show are enormous. If you make plans to attend CES you shouldn't miss the opportunity to go to the Shark Tank Open Call Auditions. You can profile your company and story for consideration on the show. Who knows? You may get the chance to show your innovative ideas to people all around the world by being featured on Shark Tank! Find out more about the auditions by listening to this episode.

3 ways to get your tech company or products noticed

If you are a member of the Consumer Technology Association, there are 3 powerful ways you can apply to have your products or tech featured during the CES events and all year long. The first is by being profiled on CES TV. It’s a great way to be front and center for everyone to see. You could also apply to be considered for the CTA Broadcast Tours. Throughout the year, CTA showcases member products, coordinating their promotions with current events or holidays. Imagine the exposure if CTA highlighted your water sports tech product during the early months of summer! There is one more amazing opportunity highlighted in this episode and you can discover it by listening!

Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [0:09] Tips you can learn from this episode about making the most of CES
  • [2:26] Gary Shapiro shares why small companies get extra care at CES
  • [4:22] Why all startups need to be part of Eureka Park and how to get media attention
  • [7:18] Taking advantage of the CTS mentorship program
  • [8:12] Making the most of exhibit space, meeting room space, and hospitality suites
  • [11:13] Big news: Live Shark Tank auditions at CES
  • [13:10] Free consumer and marketing research you can take advantage of
  • [16:43] Broadcast tours the CTA does to feature members
  • [18:50] 3 ways to get noticed at CES - CES TV, Broadcast Tours, Product highlights
  • [21:43] How to maximize coverage of your brand during the show
  • [24:59] Why you should not be shy about reaching out to CTA staff

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