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Unconventional Genius sets out to broadcast influential ideas and progressive business stories through the minds and voices of some of the most prolific names in the tech, CE, publishing, and professional world. Each week Max Borges, Founder & CEO of Max Borges Agency, speaks with industry leaders to unveil motivational narratives on how they found success. Listeners can anticipate learning business tips and tricks relevant to their own professions and life goals, while also having the chance to witness how most stories of triumph are truly “unconventional.”

Max Borges is the host of Unconventional Genius and the Founder and CEO of Max Borges Agency, a communications agency that works exclusively with consumer technology clients. The Max Borges Agency has launched thousands of consumer tech products. To learn more, check out:

May 16, 2016

Many businesses these days compete based on price - but Tony Van Veen says finding and optimizing a sustainable advantage is a smarter strategy. That’s because price is a sure way to put yourself into a tough arena in which to compete - and consequently, it becomes more challenging to make your business...

May 10, 2016

My guest on this episode was truly born an entrepreneur. As an example, when he was a kid he took some nail polish his mother was going to throw away and sold it door to door. He even had specials and deals his neighborhood customers could take advantage of. Entrepreneurial drive was in his blood.

Jason Fass is now...