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Unconventional Genius sets out to broadcast influential ideas and progressive business stories through the minds and voices of some of the most prolific names in the tech, CE, publishing, and professional world. Each week Max Borges, Founder & CEO of Max Borges Agency, speaks with industry leaders to unveil motivational narratives on how they found success. Listeners can anticipate learning business tips and tricks relevant to their own professions and life goals, while also having the chance to witness how most stories of triumph are truly “unconventional.”

Max Borges is the host of Unconventional Genius and the Founder and CEO of Max Borges Agency, a communications agency that works exclusively with consumer technology clients. The Max Borges Agency has launched thousands of consumer tech products. To learn more, check out:

Aug 31, 2017

On this episode of Unconventional Genius, I talk to an entrepreneur who is disrupting the home automation market. Alex Capecelatro is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a company that is looking to make the truly smart home a reality through a voice activated home automation system.

During our conversation, Alex tells...

Aug 18, 2017

As you think about the expenses required to fund your lifestyle, there is one thing you do month after month that operates unlike any other: paying your power bill.

You don’t typically have any choice about where the power you use comes from, how much you pay for it, or whether or not you will work with the company in...

Aug 9, 2017

The team at eero have created a product that is driving the traditional approach to whole home wifi to obsolescence. Nick founded Eero just three years ago when the home networking market was dominated by some of the tech industry’s biggest companies. However, he saw opportunity where they did not.

Nick has turned a...

Aug 4, 2017

This week on Unconventional Genius, I sit down with Dr.Jeremy Corbett to discuss how he is revolutionizing the healthcare system with his company, RocketHealth. Jeremy is an emergency room physician and entrepreneur who has made it his mission to improve how the nation’s healthcare system treats patients suffering...