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Dec 22, 2018

If you were to do a quick Google search for the phrase “stress relief products,” you’d find all kinds of things to help you deal with stress after the fact. That’s because we humans get ourselves into situations that induce stress and then we look for a way to deal with what we’ve created. It's normal. It's everyday life as we know it. But does it have to be?

What if a product existed that could help you avoid many of the stressful situations common to every day? Would that be a stress relief product worth having?

Nate Kelly leads the team at Adero - a company that has created a technology solution that organizes your things so you can save time, reduce stress, and simplify your busy life. It sounds too good to be true, but once you hear how it works you’ll wonder why someone hasn’t created it before now. Listen to learn more about Adero and to hear how Nate’s path has formed him into the exact leader needed in order to make it happen.

What if we could help people never get into stress-inducing situations in the first place?

We’ve all been in situations that instantly produce anxiety or stress. Nate Kelly calls them “chaos” situations. Some examples:

  • You’ve forgotten your wallet.
  • The car keys have been misplaced.
  • You arrive at work and realize your cell phone is on your bathroom counter.

Everyday situations. Nothing to worry about, right? Not to Nate Kelly. When Nate took over as the CEO of Tracker, the company was developing a product to help people find things that were already lost. But he had a bigger vision. He wondered if his team could create a tool to keep things from getting lost in the first place. What if the chaos that ensues from situations of this nature could be eliminated altogether?

Listen to hear how Nate’s questions led to answers like you've never imagined - and how Adero's technology is making a difference by releasing people from the burdens of small oversights.

“Try hard to remember not to screw that up” is NOT a good plan

Prior to the advent of the kind of technology Nate’s team is implementing, the main way to ensure you didn’t forget things was to create a list. But what happens when you forget to make the list? What happens when you lose it?

Smart tags and taglets are the answer Adero provides. These tiny A.I. powered devices are attached to the important items in your life so they can be managed for you. The system can prepare itself according to your schedule to enable your items to remember what you need for you. It’s a system that requires the use of IoT, machine learning, and other elements of the very best of tech - and it’s amazing how it works. You really should hear Nate’s explanation and vision for how Adero will change the world.

There’s no need to blame yourself for forgetting things anymore

How many times have you gone on an important business trip, or even just a drive across town and discovered that you forgot to bring what you needed? Our tendency is to chastise ourselves for being such a dummy. But what if a piece of technology could prevent that situation from ever happening?

Nate envisions a day - coming very soon - when the items you need are able to remind you that you will need them in the near future. Can you picture it? Never having to make a list again? Never forgetting important items - because the items themselves remind you to take them?

More importantly, can you imagine never feeling the panic associated with a high consequence mistake - because the mistake never happened? Nate’s team is making it possible. Find out more by listening to this episode.

Overcoming the anxiety of things through technology

Forgetting to take important items with you seems like a small problem. But look beyond the temporary inconvenience of not having a needed resource to the emotional toll it takes on you. Nate calls it “the anxiety of things,” and ironically, his team is coupling technology WITH things to prevent the anxiety from happening at all.

Nate foresees the Adero platform becoming one that allows every THING in your life to worry about YOU, preparing everything in your life for your use and convenience. Your things will be taking care of you, instead of you having to care for them. It’s an incredible solution to everyday problems, and it’s on the horizon. Nate’s team is making sure that’s the case.


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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [1:14] Who is Nate Kelly and how the Adero path has been unpredictable
  • [3:40] Helping people never get into unprepared moments
  • [10:25] How the Adero system works using smart tags and intelligent containers
  • [14:28] The most common uses for the Adero solution - 4 personas
  • [18:01] Taking over the company a week before natural disasters hit
  • [21:59] Big changes in a new organization and how Nate rallied the troops
  • [24:18] Instilling the feeling of ownership into the Adero team
  • [30:50] Nate’s unconventional path: from a religious cult to leading a tech company
  • [36:10] Recalibrating his life to help others optimize mental health and manage stress
  • [38:41] The structure of Nate’s day that enables him to do the job he does
  • [42:28] Adero’s future as Nate sees it

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