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Nov 30, 2016

On this episode of Unconventional Genius, Jay Papasan, executive, speaker, and author of The ONE thing, joins me to talk about how to focus on what matters most. Jay is a best-selling author and an executive at Keller Williams Realty International. During our conversation, Jay shares about his book The ONE thing and the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.

Using a wealth of research and the examples of highly successful people, Jay has discovered a path to overcoming the challenges that lead to greater focus. During our conversation he gives helpful tips for narrowing focus, developing discipline, creating habits and finding a life-model that you can grow into. He also dispels myths and lies that keep us from achieving success in life.

Reclaiming focus on what matters most

Jay Papasan says,“Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you make your focus.” With so many distractions that compete for our attention, how can we reclaim focus and give more time to the things that really matter? The majority of what you want will come from the minority of what you do. This radical focus on what matters most can drastically alter the trajectory of your life and propel you to growth and achievement.

According to Jay, developing discipline and focus is not about having mental strength but more about training yourself into a habit. Conventional wisdom says that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. However, Jay disputes that, saying that it actually takes much longer. He says that you should allow at least 66 days if you want something to become habitual in your life.

How to reach your full potential

People have far more potential than they realize. Few people are willing to put the time and energy into developing that potential. How can you be someone who does achieve extraordinary success? One way is to have a coach who can train and encourage you. A coach can help you achieve success in ways that you could not on your own.

One barrier to extraordinary success according to Jay Papasan is what he calls the ok plateau. He says, “Everybody gets to where good is good enough for them, and then they stop improving.” Reaching the ok plateau and being content there guarantees mediocrity. Knowing that you’ve reached it and then seeking the opportunity to get better is the starting line for reaching heights you hadn’t imagined.

The 6 lies that we tell ourselves that hinder us from success

During our conversation, Jay Papasan discusses the path to success. He says that the true path of mastery is sticking to a goal and getting better over time. He also says that success is sequential. After focusing on and achieving a targeted goal, then you move on to the next. As you build on previous success, you will start to multiply your own growth.

Jay warns that there are barriers that will keep us from achieving success. He shares six lies that we tell ourselves. There are no shortcuts to success, and trying to find shortcuts actually short-circuits your ability to achieve. Listen as Jay breaks down the different lies and the ways they hinder the potential in your life.

Finding your life’s purpose

When people start to experience success, they become fearful that they won’t be able to scale their lives to accommodate the demands and responsibility that success can bring. Jay encourages people to find a life-model that is bigger than their current circumstances so that they have room to grow into it. He also dispels the myth that the ultimate goal is to reach a state of balance. He says that balance isn’t an achievement, but rather an activity that requires continual maintenance.

We all want to have a purpose for our lives. That purpose isn’t always clear. So, how can you discover your purpose? Jay Papasan says that harnessing the power of focus can help you determine your purpose. Considering where you’ve been and what circumstances and decisions have brought you to this point in life will give you clues about your passion and purpose. Hear more about that on this week’s episode of Unconventional Genius.

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [0:43] Introduction of Jay Papasan, executive, corporate speaker and author of The ONE Thing.
  • [2:49] The ONE Thing is a book to help people continually focus on what matters so that they can be successful.
  • [4:32] Focusing your time and energy into the ONE thing is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.
  • [8:48] Jay shares how success is built sequentially through mastery and momentum
  • [14:25] How do you tap into the potential for achievement that lies within you?
  • [19:20] The six lies that we tell ourselves that hinders success
  • [23:30] Discipline takes longer than you think and is about creating a habit
  • [27:07] The day-before vacation miracle and how it is unsustainable
  • [29:25] Balance isn’t a destination, it is an activity
  • [30:45] Find a model that is bigger than your current situation
  • [34:53] How can you find a purpose for your life?

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